How to spot water damage before it spreads.

A lot of homeowners have had the same nightmare.  They’ve walked into their home and have seen the entire floor flooded. Gallons and gallons of water washed over everything in their path including your hardwoods, carpet, and furniture.Windsor flood damage

Water damage can be quick and profound. At first glance, sometimes it feels like there isn’t anything you can do. 

That isn’t always the case.  A good portion of water damage claims could be reduced just by homeowners knowing what to look for.

Above are some photos of situations dealing with flooding. In a moment you will see photos of simple home repairs we specialize in at Watergon.  Each of these situations can cause gradual water damage mounting in the thousands of dollars. Fortunately, sometimes it can be caught by an observant homeowner who knows what to look for.

Homes age. Leaky pipes, old knobs and gauges, and faulty connectors are all things that, over time, can cause you a great deal of trouble.  Here are a few things to look for:

Check your bathrooms every month for soft spots or mold near the floor.

Bathrooms are hot spots for water trouble.  Take just a few minutes every month to check your walls near the floor.  Feel around as well as look for mold. Give Watergon a call at the first sign of trouble. Most of these fixes early on are very affordable!

Look under your sinks.

Make sure you are consistently looking under your sinks in the kitchen and in your bathrooms. The piping should be exposed and is easy to check for leaks and damage.

Change your AC filters every 60-90 days.

Why? If your AC unit isn’t given proper maintenance on a regular schedule, you will find yourself in a problematic situation. The most common cause of damage from the AC unit is air filters not being changed. This can cause the unit to freeze.   Water damage can happen when the unit thaws. This is a simple task that can save you in the future.

Check your water heater.

Take time once a month to check your water heater.  Make sure there are no obvious leaks and that its functioning properly.  Many problems, such as leaky pips or a nozzle going bad, should be visible over time.

Water Damage is a huge upset. You can prevent major issues by taking these simple steps.