Area Rug Cleaning in Windsor, Ontario

Area Rug Cleaning in
Windsor, Ontario

Rug cleaning is an important aspect
of keeping your home clean and dirt free. There are several different ways to
clean your rug, all the way from washing it by hand, to hiring a professional
to do the job for you. There are several different companies that offer Area
Rug cleaning in Windsor, Ontario so it is important to know all of your
options! Below are the top three companies in the Windsor area that you can
hire to get this tedious task completed.

Companies that Offer Area Rug Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

This company focuses simply on the
environment. Their cleaning products are all one hundred percent organic and
are a great option for those environmentalists out there. Not only does this
company provide rug cleaning services but they also offer tile and grout
cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, duct cleaning, power washing, and maid
services. This can be a great alternative if you have several jobs that need to
be done in the home because the person entering your household would be able to
do it all!

Steam Clean

This company is great because they
clean all carpets with steam. Hot steam is also a natural germ killer so it is
great if you are allergic to cleaning products or things of that nature. This
is also a healthy alternative if you have pets in the household because there
are no harsh chemicals that are being used. This company also has specials all
the times and you can get your rugs cleaned in three rooms for only $99.00.

Renko Carpet Cleaning & Power Washing

Carpet Cleaning & Power
Washing has a rated 4.8 stars out of 5. Their revies are great and they are a
locally owned company. This is a great option if you want to help support the
community and also get outstanding results. The downfall to this company is
that they do use chemical cleaners. So if you have allergies or pets this may
not be a good option for you.