Carpet fiber tends to lose its structural integrity due to frequent wear and constant pressure from stationary weight such as furniture. An easy tip to fluff up your carpet revolves around a straightforward revamping exercise that will restore its original glamor and significantly extend its useful life.


A special carpet rake is useful alongside standard vacuuming and other tune up equipment. It is available in many sizes and one needs to get to the most suitable for the assignment depending on the length of the carpet hairs. Sizing correctly yields a sturdy option with the right teeth spacing so as to work effortlessly without snagging or tangling the fibers.

Rake the affected areas back up while vacuuming against the side that has fallen back to restore the initial rigidity for a furry neatened look. Once this has been accomplished, continue vacuuming with circular movements such that a uniform good as new appearance is evident. A scrubbing brush comes in handy especially on medium and small textured carpet fabric.

It is recommended to work with small areas at a time to make the assignment manageable and less taxing. Working space needs to be free of any obstacles to enable a seamless transition and subsequent timely conclusions.


Dull flat botches on the carpet need can be removed way more easily if spotted and attended to at an early stage. Regularly rotating the carpet helps reduces instances of severe mating and also helps reduce frequent maintenance schedules that may prove costly and time consuming.

Gentle care gives proper outcomes without damaging the fabric or exposing it to fading and other undesired kinds of damage. Regular restorative exercises are sure to rehabilitate the carpet and give it a new lease on life. Expert help is a nice resort for well worn units or especially large carpets.