Tile cleaning

Today tiles are really popular. Tile really enhances the looks of our kitchen or bathroom or anywhere else it is used. Tiles are totally different from wood, bamboo and other flooring materials. But the problem is to keep tile floors clean. Water can not harm it, but spots of hard water makes the tiles dirty so fast, not only hard water, there are lots of things which make our tiles dirty. So, here a question occurs that how to keep the tiles clean, bright and hygienic. There are some very effective methods of cleaning tiles.

  • · Ammonia: Tiles especially of light colors becomes yellow with time for wax buildup. You just have to make a solution of 1 cup ammonia and � gallons of water. Spray the solution all over the surface and let it be there for five to ten minutes, then just simply scrub it out by nylon or plastic scrub-pad and rinse with water. It will remove old wax and make our tile shiny; this will also kill harmful germs of our bathroom.
  • · Steel wool: The rubber shoes leave black spots on tiles, which cannot be removed by simple wash with mop. Just scrub those spotted places with a moistened steel wool soap pad. When you see the marks has gone, simply just wipe out the floor with damp sponge or mop.
  • · Tea: Tea can create marks anywhere but with appropriate method, it can be used as a cleaner. Just boil a couple of freshly brewed tea bags in ¼ liter of water, dip a soft and clean cloth in the boiling tea and boil it for 5 minutes. After that just take the cloth out and wipe out the whole surface of tile. It will remove dirt & germs and will make your tiles sparkling.
  • · Vinegar & Borax: Solution of vinegar and borax is most effective for removing the strong marks of hard water. You just have to make a solution of 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of borax with 1 gallon of water. Simply just wipe out the tile surface with a mop wetted with the solution. It will make your tiles shiny and sparkling like new.


These are the most effective ways to keep your tiles clean and hygienic. Now if you do not have time to do it yourself, nothing wrong with calling a carpet cleaning company  to do the cleaning for you.



Definitely, you don’t want your room to appear either small due to a conspicuous over-size rug or large following the small space occupied by a rug.It’s always a big concern for a homeowner to ensure that an area rug can make the room, creates a well-balanced space and an outright finishing touch.


Size determination


Don’t hung too much on the chunk of cash spent on your room’s surface flooring that you can’t imagine covering up to much of it.Yes, that’s totally reasonable! But an area rug hardly hides the floor entirely; it will set it off, boasting the room’s attractiveness.The revered way of determining a right-sized rug is based on your furniture placement more than the room’s size.


You should conclude to a perfect rug after considering that at least, the fore legs of the furniture are on the rug, or better yet, the main pieces of the furniture sit atop the rug.Exceptionally, if the rug is meant for areas with no furniture such as hallways, you can easily determine the rug size based on the required exposed space all round.


Perfect match


Living room


You should ensure that the rug is large enough; at least the sofas and chairs are on the rug partially.This means that the front legs against the wall will be sitting on the rug.The rest of the pieces will be left off the rug and this gives an impression of a well-balanced space and hosting warmth as well. Thus rendering the room more inviting.




In this case you should be driven by your bed concern. Make sure the bed is entirely on the rug.Who wouldn’t want his feet on a rug every morning once he gets out of bed?


Dining room


Here; ensure that all the legs of the chair are on the rug when the chair is pulled out. In addition, the rug should also extend a little beyond the table.It’s all about creating a nurturing environment for meals.


With such crystal-clear guidelines, it’s simple to envisage an area rug can make the room and match your home decor completely. When you area rug need a deep cleaning call you Windsor Carpet cleaning  specialist today!

2 Main reasons you Should Have Your Dryer Vents Cleaned Out


Though cleaning dryer vent is a simple task that only takes 1-2 hours, many people still find it difficult to clean it despite of the risks associated with failure to clean vent. There are also many professionals dryer vent cleaners who can assist you in case you lack time and skills to clean your vent.

Research has found out that cleaning dryer vent as many benefits, and should be cleaned atleast once every year. Apart from saving drying time and cost, there are 2 great reasons you should have your dryer vents cleaned out.


It saves on your money.

Cleaning vent dryer is very important since it saves on your cost. First, failure to clean vent results to more wear and tear. This makes dryer and dryer vent to spoil fast and you eventually incur repairing cost. Damaged dryer will cost you 10 times the amount you could use to clean.

Not only repairing cost, there are also other cost associated with failure to clean dryer vent. Unclean vent may also dirty clothes plus, clogged dryer lowers dryer drying efficiency. Clean dryer vent will dry clothes fast and this will give you time for other activities.


Lowers fire risk of fire hazards.

Vent carries lint and fabric fibers that frees from lint trap, and other material which are highly flammable. Failure to clean vent will cause accumulation of flammable materials which are likely to spark fire.

Vent is hot, humid and there is fluctuation in temperature when the dryer is on use. If vent is clogged, temperature fluctuation and friction in vent will cause fire. Cleaning vent will actually save you from losing your home and probably one of you loved ones. To avoid such circumstances, you need to clean your vent regularly and at least once per year.

You can clean it on your own or you can get a  professional to clean it.